20 Years from Now

20 Years from Now
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Social Media has been buzzing with hashtags similar to the one above. Goals are important to all of us. It is imperative that there is always some standard to emulate, an aim to accomplish.

But how do our own goals fit into national development, nation building and the advancement of the collective goals as a people?

Are we so wrapped up in our own pursuits that we do not give a second thought to what we would want to achieve as a society? Nothing is wrong with having personal goals. Personal achievement and acquiring material things is no small feat and is indeed good. But after we have achieved all of this, what condition will our country be in? Will our world be okay? Twenty years from now will we stop to see that although we have achieved everything on our bucket list, Jamaica is still not the country to live, work, raise families and do business? Are we doing well if we consciously allow our fellow men to live in abject poverty and squalor?

As citizens of a developing country, our goals should be more collective and reflect a desire to build our nation. Our country needs desperate help as it relates to social issues. But we sit in our goal-filled bubbles, thinking that all is well. It is our responsibility as citizens to make the country a better place.

We cannot deem ourselves successful until our national goals and world goals are met. Success, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Twenty years from now will be the year 2036. Will the Vision 2030 Jamaica Plan be accomplished? Will the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals be attained? Will our world be a better place?

There are large corporations like GraceKennedy that continue to show Corporate Social Responsibility but what about us as individuals? You, yes, you, what have you done lately?

Every citizen can contribute to nation building. Let the change start with you. Let’s work towards the goal of making our country and the world a better place.

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