GraceKennedy: To The World!

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GraceKennedy: To The World!
The GraceKennedy brand is well-known in Jamaica. Founded 93 years ago, Jamaicans all over the island and indeed the world have come to love the company’s products due to its high quality and consistency as a brand. As a result, GraceKennedy has been able to successfully expand over the years in both its Food and Financial segments.


Today, the company comprises some 50 associated companies worldwide. Grace Foods’ products can be seen in almost every single supermarket. The Financial segment has also come to be known for its high quality services in the areas of banking, insurances and money services. But, while Jamaicans are very knowledgeable about GraceKennedy and its various subsidiaries, how many of us know what GraceKennedy is doing outside of Jamaica?


Truth be told, initially, I knew very little about that. I thought GraceKennedy was only in Jamaica. I had no idea that GK had expanded to so many other markets, and that the expansion is still ongoing. Thus, it definitely came as a surprise to me to find out that GraceKennedy operates in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North and Central America, the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe and Africa! Grace’s food products are also distributed in markets across the world that I wouldn’t even have thought of. For example, did you know that Grace products are available in over 85 stores in Russia? Yes, I said Russia!


Steven Chen, the Marketing Manager for several islands in the Caribbean believes that the successful expansion of GK’s food products throughout the Caribbean is due to a variety of reasons, including the huge Jamaican population living abroad (which includes second and third generation Jamaicans) who are willing to purchase the company’s products. He also credits GK’s marketing, rebranding and advertising strength as critical to its growth.


Chen believes that Jamaican products started to do well in other Caribbean territories and the rest of the world because Jamaicans living there started purchasing them. This in turn had a ripple effect. Jamaicans who bought the products were able to introduce them to other locals from other islands and countries. GK saw this and implemented a savvy marketing and advertising campaign, which helped to spread the word about the business. They held local tastings in the various supermarkets so that individuals could try their products and become more familiar with them as a brand, all while building relationships with the different communities through sponsorship of local events.


The combined approach proved successful and led to rapid expansion and a rise in the popularity of their products. Grace Mackerel, for example, sells very well in Guyana, Antigua and the Bahamas. Other products such as Tropical Rhythms, Caprisun, Corned Beef, Tastee Cheddar Cheese and Grace Coconut Water do well for the same reason in other countries. The range of GraceKennedy food products has been an advantage for the brand, as there is a variety of choices from which customers and consumers can choose.


GraceKennedy is proud of its success within the Caribbean- and the rest of the world. It has benefitted Jamaica, but has also been meaningful in the other areas as well. Job creation has been a welcome effect of the company’s popularity worldwide. And the company is proud of that!


As nothing is static, Steven believes that constant growth is essential to the surivival of GK, especially now that a significant portion of GK’s revenue is now made outside of Jamaica. He says that the company will continue to expand and attempt to get into other markets, maintaining the standard of its products and holding true to its values of honesty, integrity and trust.


See? This company is doing big things! I hope, like me, you learned a lot more about them from reading this article. As you read, I encourage you to think of the huge impact Jamaican-born GraceKennedy is having in the world today. It is quite remarkable that a Jamaican corporation has been able to dominate in so many different Caribbean territories- and that they can now be seen in 66 countries worldwide. Not many other companies can say that they have accomplished such a feat.


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