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The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure. – Ecclesiastics 9:11

Running is an action that is intended to move an individual from one point to another. It is faster than walking to a destination. While most individuals are able to run, there are some who are only able to walk due to age and other physical factors.

On July 10th 2016, it will not matter who will be running or walking. The most important fact is that the destination and goal are reached. The goal to raise funds to support educational programmes in Jamaica’s under-resourced communities. This is why we run.

Since 2009, the Annual GraceKennedy Education Run, has met its objective of raising funds for educational activities in downtown communities. The GK Ed Run is a five kilometre (3.1 mile) road race that is open to all runners and walkers over 10 years of age.

I am of the opinion that education is important part of nation building and in order for a country to be successful, its citizens must be educated.

In a speech delivered at the Annual Anniversary Lecture at College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) in 1992, the Honourable Douglas Orane, Former Chairman and CEO of GraceKennedy states “We must ensure that all children who are capable of benefitting from a secondary education, regardless of their socio-economic background, get the quality education which will enable them to function and contribute to the society.”


Why we run

This is indeed the mandate that drives the GK Ed Run, to make education available to all children. This is why we run.

This old childhood gem speaks to the importance of education and I implore you to do the same and support our children’s education.

“Labour for learning before you grow old,
For learning is better than silver or gold.
Silver and gold will vanish away,
But a good education will never decay.”

Come out on July 10th and labour for our children’s education by running or walking.

Will you support the cause? Will you help to unleash Jamaica’s potential?

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