Mobile Phones: Necessity or Nuisance

Mobile Phones: Necessity or Nuisance
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“I don’t have a phone.” That’s a sentence you’ll rarely hear anyone say today, since mobile phones are a staple in almost everyone’s life. You have one and I have one. In fact, it’s strange to hear someone say that they don’t have one. At their most basic use, we use our phones to communicate ⎯ whether to call or send copious amounts of text messages, ⎯ yet these days it’s not unusual for our phones to become extensions of ourselves that we tote around in colorful cases.

With something as common as a mobile phone, it’s easy to lose sight of the impact they have on our lives. What would our lives be like without mobile phones? Hard to tell, yet it’s not unusual to hear individuals complain about the “nuisance” that phones have become in our lives. And in some respects, that’s true – texting has eroded proper spelling and grammar, and it’s not unusual to hear of occupants of the same house instant messaging each other instead of talking. In fact, improper use of cellphones has become so commonplace that there’s even talk of putting a law in place to ban the use of cellphones while driving.

However, given the advantages and downright enjoyment that a mobile phone can bring, it’s hard to agree with that line of reasoning for long. Mobile phones are an undeniable necessity in our society today. How? Check out these examples:

  • Mobile phones make communication across long distances extremely easy. Imagine having to write a letter every time you needed to send a text message, or even worse, joining a line at the pay phone every time you needed to make a call!
  • The internet access and other features that smartphones afford us are irreplaceable in some respects. It’s like having a device with much of the functionality of a laptop in your hand, what’s not to love?
  • For the majority of individuals, the cameras that are available to us on mobile phones easily replace digital cameras. There’s no need for us to tote around separate devices just to take pictures of interesting things.
  • We can organize things much easier with our mobile phones, especially if it’s a smartphone. We can log every minute of our day and have our phones remind us of where we need to be at what time.


The above points are just the tip of the iceberg to be honest. Once you have a phone with internet connectivity an entirely new world is opened up to you. You have at your fingertips, access to a treasure trove of information. The reality of it is that it’s up to you to decide if you fall into the rabbit hole or not.

Necessity or nuisance – it’s what you make it out to be
In short, mobile phones have become an indelible part of our society. Still, as with anything, misuse of a mobile phone can lead to a quagmire of consequences. Therefore, it’s up to each and every cellphone user to ensure that they make proper use of their phone, and not let it become a nuisance to society.



An honest appraisal of your situation might be in order. Ask yourself this “Is my mobile phone a necessity or a nuisance?” Your answer might surprise you.
By Devonnie Garvey

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